About me

My past-varied experiences in different working environments transformed me in a believer in innovation as the path to emotionally connect products and services with users. Having led integrated branding projects around the globe, I had the opportunity to help a diverse clientele reach new markets and to better position themselves through design and communication strategies. At the same time, my experience in working with low-income communities sparked my desire to create positive impact through my work. It was my interest in creating social impact through business and innovation that led me to pursue an MBA in Design Strategy in San Francisco.

As a design strategist, I enjoy solving complex challenges under ambiguous conditions with a strategic vision and collaborative spirit. Connecting and synthesizing user research to think creatively about systemic problems allows me to identify innovation opportunities and design concrete solutions. With a human-centered approach to problem solving, I’m eager to design the processes, products, services and customer experiences of the future.


A holistic approach that interralates strategic intent, market insight, innovation focus, and business design allows me to consider the entire ecosystem of a product or service which is: product/service/experience integration; meaningful application for customers; market competition; financial viability; and financial, social, and environmental sustainability.

Some tools that I use

Stakeholder maps, innovation roadmaps, interviews, personas, customer journey maps, storyboards, social listening, napkin sketches, design criteria, service prototypes, customers blueprints, business model canvas, future forecasting toolkit, user experience frameworks, etc.

Wise phrases learned

• «The secret sauce for any kind of improvement is feedback»
• «People’s needs last more than any solution»
• «Failing sooner will allow you to suceed faster»


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