Galicia Bank:
Discovering innovation initiatives to drive… innovation

Galicia Bank goal was to spur innovation to every area of operations. We map out the ongoing innovation endeavors to guide future initiatives.

Challenge & Outcome

Galicia Bank is the largest, privately owned bank in Argentina. In order to remain leaders in the competitive financial services market the bank put in practice several years ago innovation methodologies such as lean and scrum. Nevertheless, there were a no key indicators on how innovation practices were improving team’s performances. We delivered a diagnosis of the situation to inform the bank’s future strategies.

To map out the current situation of three interrelated areas – digital, marketing and systems – we formulated a research plan. After planning out key takeaways from the mapping, the immersion phase started. Over the course of three weeks we interviewed employees, in order to learn about their perspective and experience with innovative initiatives as well as the current processes. The purpose of theses in-depth interviews was to understand the employees’ and departmental pain points. Through this we could learn about team dynamics and how they perceived Banco Galicia’s internal culture. We also facilitated share out sessions, where employees were able to participate in the validation and prioritization of insights gathered during the interview process. This phase of work ended with a presentation to human resources team that exhibited our synthesized information, described the findings and made propositions as the trigger for the internal implementation of innovative practices.

Client: Galicia Bank, Argentina
Date: June 2016
Fields of Work Innovation, Design Thinking, Human-Centered design, Human Resources, Research
Team Project done in collaboration with Minds Garage